Why those things against Falungong?

I have discovered something terrible. Somebody have written this thing about Falungong.

This is also a good example, how some religions tolerate another. I was born, as a Christian, but I have different opinions on It and I must say, that some of My friends tolerate another religions. I think on Christianity and some Muslims too. This is not true by this article and It is good example, how some Christian radicals can be. I must say, that Falundafa isn’t dangerous and those informations are also created by chinese propaganda and christian radicals, who ‘very tolerate’ another religion.

I think, that those religions are maybe better, like nowadays Islam, Christianity and also some religions, which tried to return back to the pagan times. Also, could You ask a questions about It, what was happened with arrested people of Falundafa? I don’t should to write It here, but Chinese government made Forced Organ Harvesting on Falundafa members.

I know, that It is only one Christian forum, but good maybe blessing only one believe.

Good bless Christians,

GGood is greatest only for Muslims ETC.


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