Connect and divide

Nowadays is a big trend (maybe It was before) of connecting, but some people can also divide some things. It is same, like layer or split. Some people won’t love this opinion, but this is only my sight on this world.

If somebody says word ‘black people’, most of people presents maybe bad black people. Same thing is with Gypsies in some countries of Europe. But, It is created, because most of those people do bad things. I don’t want to explain this situation, but maybe this is of politics and conditions, where those people lives. Ofcourse I know, that between Roma or black people are also good people. Some people combined and connected most things, which are commons and this is true by theyr egoes. This is not only one example, We’ll go ahead.

If somebody say word ‘Arabic’ or ‘Muslim’, It is automatically connected with terrorism by news, which are common in our media from middle eastern countries. I hope, that Egyptians will say something another about Christians. I have some experiences, when I’ve talked with Muslim about Christian things and Muslim things. This same was with Christians about another religion and most of those people try to look According to their conviction to another religions. Those things were divided or splitted from context of full religion. Due to this, I can also select some bad argues about Christianity, or Islam, but It is not very good. Christians also select sometimes own thing and divide a truth of religion. Due to those things, there were wars in the name of Christ or God, this same is with Islam. For example, Bible is explained to some people, that pagans are our enemies and We must kill him in the name of God. After that, idea of Loving your neighbor is out.

There is also trend in some slavic countries, that Russians are our slavic brothers. Yes, Russians are slavic, like Slovaks or Czech, but there is mainly idea of politics. I have divided everything of It and I am interested for example on russian country, this is the best choice. I liked also African music, Arabic music, Balkan (Gipsy) music, Jewish music, Russian music, German Volksmusik (from Austria, Bavaria and another alpine regions) ETC. I have mentioned Germans here, because there are not very friendly things about Germans. People have experiences about Germans, like one arogant and nationalistic people. But, I love also some german music too.


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