Li Hongzhi is not only one

Here is my next view about Falun gong. Maybe Falundafa members won’t agree with me. This is only view from my alternative perspective.

Li Hongzhi, main master of Falundafa says, that He is only teacher of new thinking. He only discovered truth of the universe. I disagree with things, because there are various people, which can discovere truth of the universe. I understand him, because maybe in China, there isn’t any knowledge about people from the west, who are members of the new spirituality (New age). I understand also, why and Falun gong is also great example of regime in this country. I have written those things about Falun gong practitioners in China, what was happened.

Remember, Falundafa members, also another people, who are same, like me and another readers, there are another people channeled to the universe. Li Hongzhi is only one of many people, which were brave to connect with universe across various spiritual teachers and spiritual practices. Everyone can discovere the universe, but master Li Hongzhi did this mistake, that He said, he is only one. This is not very true, he is one of many people.


Old religions and my opinion about Magick and Wicca

Following thing is for those people, which want to practice magick, or Wicca and such things. I would like to write also, my opinion about It. Maybe It helps alot for some people.

I have been also interested on Wicca and I have read those things about It too. After some practices and listening of some wiccan music I have discovered those things. Many of Wiccans, nowadays would like to change something, also with using ego. This is very bad and It’ll be better to give up of your ego. There are also another reasons, for example to solve problems of your life by this way. Those people are clever in some points of new religions, but those people maybe forgot, that karma is sometimes very malicious. I have tried those things and I must say, that many weeks I have problems of It. You don’t have to practice those things, but one thought can damage It and universum is clever.

Another thing of those things, like Wicca is same, like of new religions, who tried to move back to the slavic times in Czech republic and Slovakia. Maybe, there are also some new religions created in Germany and people would like travel back to pre-christian times. So funny, how people try return past by radical way. This is just only trend, nothing else, but this is stupid way to change life for better times.

Why those things against Falungong?

I have discovered something terrible. Somebody have written this thing about Falungong.

This is also a good example, how some religions tolerate another. I was born, as a Christian, but I have different opinions on It and I must say, that some of My friends tolerate another religions. I think on Christianity and some Muslims too. This is not true by this article and It is good example, how some Christian radicals can be. I must say, that Falundafa isn’t dangerous and those informations are also created by chinese propaganda and christian radicals, who ‘very tolerate’ another religion.

I think, that those religions are maybe better, like nowadays Islam, Christianity and also some religions, which tried to return back to the pagan times. Also, could You ask a questions about It, what was happened with arrested people of Falundafa? I don’t should to write It here, but Chinese government made Forced Organ Harvesting on Falundafa members.

I know, that It is only one Christian forum, but good maybe blessing only one believe.

Good bless Christians,

GGood is greatest only for Muslims ETC.