War against bad politics

I would like to explain You very shortly, how to war against politics. I think on very bad political hoaxes, or propaganda.

Firstly remember, that if You use bad weapons to those systems, this system will be stronger and stronger. Also, on My countries, many extremists were arrested, but It is just help for those people. Also, Wikipedia has been banned without any reason in Turkey. I don’t really know, why.

Secondly, at My country, there is currently big trend to read messages with a big conspiracy and those things without thinking (like politics) are very great to control the people. We can’t know political true ofcourse, but We can try to aply some (maybe new age) theories to our life. For example, I don’t know true about Tibet and I’ve heard also some stupid trues, why Chinese people anexed Tibet. I accept only culture of Tibet and I don’t solve political things. But, I would like to warn, or parody those things, which are from conspiration medias. I love also Turkish culture, Arabic culture, Chinese, Slavic, or Tibetan, English, American culture, Korean, Japanese ETC. I accept some cultural things. But, It is very bad, that people stop thinking.


Human (spiritual) development

Maybe You have heard about chakral human development, maybe no. Those things are also I have experienced those things.

My question was, that why this soul, this spirit is in me? How It started and what was before? Ofcourse, I think that It was started, after knowing language. Ofcourse, brain is like computer and to program something on It, You need a programming language. It means, that to starting of my development very well and to realize, that I am, like being was starting thing to know my language, Slovak.

I have noticed also some changes of my life from year to year, but I notice full development of the first level, when I was 7 years old. This is maybe, because each chakra must be ready to the next year. So for example, first chakra was developed, when i was 1, second chakra, when I was 2 ETC. But, there are various stages of evolution and involution of human.

When I was 7 or 8, I started to interest on new things, specifically to the ethnic music. When I was 13 or 14, I have started to discover sexual things and also, my desire for information was so big, that I have started to educate also by myself via the internet. Some informations are ofcorse not available in my language. Also, there were, when I was 15 years old some atheistic ideas, but when I was maybe 18 or 19, I have started to interest on spirituality much more, like on previous time.

Ofcourse, much adult people can’t develope yourself, because those people were developed. This development is finished at 35 age and after that, there is also spiritual decline, for example from 499, It also continued to the 70 years old. In this age are most people littlebid stupid and poor of thinking. I have nothing against old people, but most of those people don’t work on spiritual development very often, because maybe they don’t know, that something like this exists. But, there are various practices to improve karma, dharma or chakras. You must continue on your spiritual development.

One last thing, that learning language is also the best way. Our brain computer needs also upgrade. Try also learn some interesting language, also those language, which have different thinking. English, German, Spanish or Slovak languages are very easy. Chinese language is also very fascinating to learn for people, which can speak English, French, German, Slovak and another easy languages. There is also Japanese, Korean or Arabic, because there are different ways to think and also to develope your mind. This is also little protection of your spiritual development.