Why only 8 numbers in indian numerology?

Every number is magical, this thing was also known by Pythagoras. There are various systems to couth maybe birth date, or name. There are various interpretations and systems for letters of alphabets, or some similar meanings. We know also 9 numeral latin alphabet system, Abjad countains also numbers with zeros, Chinese (mainly Cantonese) have also nine number systems by similarity of the word in this dialect.

But what? There is also numerology systems in the indian (specifically Tamilnadu)? But, with eight numbers only? I understand, if zero (0) isn’t presented, because 0 is beginning of everything, but why nine? By my intuition I have noticed some things. For example, if We have overtones at music, multiple of eight is same, like fundamental. It means, that if fundamental is c, eight overtone is also c. Nextly, letters of this indian numerology is very different, like We know from latin alphabet. Also, there isn’t possibility to count birth date, because nine is missing. There is also one thing to remember, that mostly brahmi scripts have sort of letter by creation of sounds (phonetic). Because of contacts with foreigners, indian numerology system is optimized specifically for latin alphabet, but maybe not logically at all, maybe mostly intuitive. Question is, why eight numbers, not nine?

By my way I think this: Indians creator gets also inspiration, when they create this numerology system from music, because by indian philosophy is music very common with math. Ofcourse, It is also another possibility. Result of 1*2 is 2, 2*2=4, 4*2=8, those overtones are octaves in musical therminology.


Music is invented by human, or no?

Some people says, that music is part of the human culture. But what, if music was before people? There are various questions, maybe without rational or logical answers, but with intuitive answers.

If You speed up by most octaves, for example sound of Your speech You get something, which is littlebid similar to the sound of chirping bird. Also, bird songs can listen human at first time. After hear those singers at the heaven, he started to use voice for singing. This was our first musical instrument, which We have everybody. Some nations can also sing two notes or three, at once. This is so magical musical instrument. After some years, maybe centuries people invented various musical instruments, also for rituals, or melodies. I think on percussions and some melodical instruments, for example flutes. Flute was first constructed melodic instruments by human, but drums have also functions, for example like ritual musical instruments.

Do You know, that first transverse flute was created in India? There is also another thing to discovere in India, the first classical music in our world. There is one concept (nadabrahma) which means, sound of universe.  Some philosophers also says, that those people, who knows secret of music, know secret of space. Theory of music and maths were published together in one book and due to those things people of India said, that music is prt of the universe.

Indian classical music countains drone tones, also melody (raga) and rhythm (tala). But, those classifications are not same, as in our western classical music. If people of India plays Raga or Tala, they are connected with universe.

We try look also to the ancient Greece, where Pythagoras says also those things, that maths and music are very similar and tried to cound musical intervals and tones by using monochord. Due to those things, Pythagoras really discovere music of the spheres. Pythagoras via monochord discovere overtones, or natural harmonies. If You play Guitar, maybe therm Flageolet isn’t unknown to You. Those things was happened on the monochord. There are also some cultures, which can sing those overtones, nowadays, some people from the United states, or another countries try to learn overtone (or throat) singing too, so this culture isn’t only known for tibetian monks, or Mongolians and Tuvans.

There are some evidences, that those natural harmonies were counted before Pythagoras by Chinese people and of those, five tones were selected to create pentatonic scale. This scale was also called celestial scale, so for Chinese music was also part of the universe.

Main musical elements are pitch, melody, rhythm and harmony. There is also some music, which is without melody, or harmony, as We understand in the west. I have discovered, that nature has also music of birds, leaves, or sea, rain, or wind, streaming water ETC. Music wasn’t created by human, music is part of the universe.

Tune to the good mind

Maybe You have read my previous post about religions and what was written. I would like to explain You something similar.

When I have read some alternative webs I noticed from those messages, that people, who wrote It down are full of badness and war. Mostly some people write about alternative things, like man, who collect everything. But, those people applicate those things, or no?

Ideas are in your head (in your mind), after that if You have written on the paper, or use It in painting, composing of music are lived also with this creation. Is It possible also to tune Your mind from bad to good, as was before, like musical instrument? Yes, It is possible, maybe for somebody only sometime. I have remember some things. I wanted to meet somebody, which I didn’t meet It long time. Terrible thing was, that weather was very bad and also, this person had to rush. I was very desperated, but there has come one melody and one lyrics and I have created some kind of celtic music with good mood. This same were happened many times, but one of my friends noticed on one song, my bad emotions. He asks Me, ‘Were You sad?’

Don’t worry, those things are also same for emotions. But, maybe It is something different for You. I also remember one bad situation with somebody and It was so difficult. I was saved also by music, specifically after that, when I have started to sing one german folk song with yodeling. Sometimes I have made various parody storries about people, who made something very bad for me. I was also good tuned, my mind was in this moment clear, like water. There are various methods to defend yourself, but without attack. Everything depends on Your thinking.

Last example. I have sent one of my fictional storry to my friend and He wrote, that in this story, there is myself, as He knows me from My childhood. Some songs, which are popular and favourite to my friends were composed also, when I thought  on something very nice. So, ideas have been transfered of various things.