Prediction of new device

Maybe You won’t believe me, but science and technology goes forward very rapidly. I have also some predictions, but I am not technician or scientist.

This is my special prediction about special devices for computers for getting feel of everything, for example food, smell, or touch something. I know, that It is kind of virtual reality software, but this is not enough. You can create your software by using Your mind. Ofcourse, this is maybe impossible for modern science and technology, but of this speed, how science goes now it is maybe possible in the future. You have a Headset (some kind, like helmet with camera andBuilt-in device like bio feedback) to capture your mind and also this camera is for ability to touch You. For touching You have special gloves for touch. Also, there will be another devices for mouth, tongue, nose or legs and foot. Remember also, that You can control things at Your computer by not using your mind, but also movement of Your head, body or hands.

On which It will be good? Specifically, due to the special devices in the headset, You can known in the mind, how this picture looks like for people, who can’t see It. This is only one example. Another example is to taste some foods, or maybe to xxx activities. There are another things also, for example controlling airplane, move up on the virtual Eiffel Tower ETC. And ofcourse, programming: You need not to know any programming language. Your mind can create also another fascinating words.