What was that? Synchronicity?

I remember on various situations, when I have discovered, or meet somebody, which I am not meet after long time. There are various situations. I would like to mention some of those.

I was in Tearoom and We want to pay for tea. I have heard, when I started to walk out some phrase, like: “Buddhists will be at at this time.” I don’t want to mention date or time, maybe on the future. I have heard It and I asked on this, ofcourse. Waiter says day of the week and time, where is this retreat. I must say, that I am interested on various retreat, I think on spiritual retreats and specifically, like Buddhism, or Taoism. When We walked on the next day and We asked on those things, if this Zen tradition is still here, somebody says: “Those Korean?” I was surprised, because I was also interested on Koreans, before this year, when It was happened. We have discovered on the wall, that this is Kwanum, school of Zen. Next thing was, that wen I have entered in this day and time, where retreat was planned, I have met my teacher, who teaches my friend and me, how to play percussions. But, I haven’t never met him long time.

I have discovered one Shisha bar in my city with my friend. We entered this bar and I smelled smoke of the water pipe. Also, when wayter comes in, I have discovered, that He uses my language with an accent and english words. I try to ask those wayter, where He comes from and He answered to me, that from Egypt, I was so happy. Also, I have listened arabic music and I wish to smoke water pipe, like in Egypt and also, there was music from Egypt, Shisha from Egypt and man from Egypt too.

Last thing was happened also in the last year. My spanish teacher was missing and I have noticed, that another classmate comes in to the classroom. He offered to me, that she will take me to my another friends. We have discovered, that We have some common interests and She also know people, who I wished to meet. This was randomness?

This same question was, where some of my wish were fulfilled. This was maybe synchronicity, or something another. I know one quote from famous Coelho’s book:

“When you want something, all the universe conspir\es in helping you to achieve it.”

I must agree with this quote, because this is big true.


Music is invented by human, or no?

Some people says, that music is part of the human culture. But what, if music was before people? There are various questions, maybe without rational or logical answers, but with intuitive answers.

If You speed up by most octaves, for example sound of Your speech You get something, which is littlebid similar to the sound of chirping bird. Also, bird songs can listen human at first time. After hear those singers at the heaven, he started to use voice for singing. This was our first musical instrument, which We have everybody. Some nations can also sing two notes or three, at once. This is so magical musical instrument. After some years, maybe centuries people invented various musical instruments, also for rituals, or melodies. I think on percussions and some melodical instruments, for example flutes. Flute was first constructed melodic instruments by human, but drums have also functions, for example like ritual musical instruments.

Do You know, that first transverse flute was created in India? There is also another thing to discovere in India, the first classical music in our world. There is one concept (nadabrahma) which means, sound of universe.  Some philosophers also says, that those people, who knows secret of music, know secret of space. Theory of music and maths were published together in one book and due to those things people of India said, that music is prt of the universe.

Indian classical music countains drone tones, also melody (raga) and rhythm (tala). But, those classifications are not same, as in our western classical music. If people of India plays Raga or Tala, they are connected with universe.

We try look also to the ancient Greece, where Pythagoras says also those things, that maths and music are very similar and tried to cound musical intervals and tones by using monochord. Due to those things, Pythagoras really discovere music of the spheres. Pythagoras via monochord discovere overtones, or natural harmonies. If You play Guitar, maybe therm Flageolet isn’t unknown to You. Those things was happened on the monochord. There are also some cultures, which can sing those overtones, nowadays, some people from the United states, or another countries try to learn overtone (or throat) singing too, so this culture isn’t only known for tibetian monks, or Mongolians and Tuvans.

There are some evidences, that those natural harmonies were counted before Pythagoras by Chinese people and of those, five tones were selected to create pentatonic scale. This scale was also called celestial scale, so for Chinese music was also part of the universe.

Main musical elements are pitch, melody, rhythm and harmony. There is also some music, which is without melody, or harmony, as We understand in the west. I have discovered, that nature has also music of birds, leaves, or sea, rain, or wind, streaming water ETC. Music wasn’t created by human, music is part of the universe.

Written things about religions

There were some things, which I’ve discovered. Maybe, those things are for somebody very bad and You can say also about me, that I have rushed.

Firstly, I would like to explain, that I mostly prefer various philosophies, not real religion. Those things have widespread only to dictate people and also, to killing in the name of god. One of My friends says, that religions and those things about god were created only for killing and death. But, there are various things and explanations, what could be happened after death. Nextli, Bible isn’t written in the language of Christ, I think specifically to the new testament. Also, Jesus Christ isn’t son of god, but Mariam, his mother was raped by some roman soldier and after that she had to say to the priests, that Jesus is son of god. Also, Mariam says this same things to the Jesus, because there were bad penalties against women. Nextly, some leaders of roman empire uses Christianity as a new religion to be leader in the name of universe (god). Also, new testament wasn’t written in Aramaic, but in koine Greek and Latin. Old testament was written in Hebrew, but some wars were justified, because God says to the Jews, that kill those nations in My name and You’ll won the battles. Islam and prophet Muhammad is another example. Maybe some people knows, that last parts of Quran have written, after prophet was outcast into the desert. Due to this and desperation, He wrote such things, like to kill people, who don’t believe to the true god (Allah).

Due to those things, like illusion, desperation or desire to lead are religions the big machines to kill another people. I love, for example Buddhism and Taoism, where aren’t those things to kill and also, those writes have been written by people with clear mind. I would like to explain It from another side. Every ideas are being transfered, when I write also this post, because this thing was made by me. This same is for example, with painting, or recording and composing music. Words are, like big magick of realising various ideas or things, which You have in Your mind. This same was with people, which have written for example Bible, Quran and maybe another bugs. For example, Mika Waltari’s books are full of depression, because author of those books has various problems. Also, Richard Wagner has some big ideas of german nationalism and those ideas (maybe very national) was used to the psychic of Adolf Hitler to destroy another people, which weren’t German.

Due to those things, religions are not to get enlightenment, but also to rule people, or lead people and sometimes to kill another people from another religions in the name of universe. Try think on this, which was happened in the Latin America, when Europeans come there and started big conversion to the native Americans to the god, or kill those indigenous people in the name of God.